Jan 29, 2011

getting old...

so i stopped by the mall the other day to return something hubby had bought two of online at abercrombie. 

1. from the time i walked in the door it smelled like someone was wearing WAY too much cologne.. and i couldn't get away from them. and i REALLY wanted to.

2. the  music was so loud i had to lean in and cup my hand over my mouth as i spoke to the sales person so that they could hear me. 

3. the sales guys shirt was so tight i saw the faint lines of a tattoo on his chest. i felt like i had turned to a channel that i shouldn't be looking at. i also wondered if i was wearing lip gloss?

4. i ran straight to j.crew so that i could bathe in the sanctity of grown-up-ness and get centered enough to go back to my car.

traumatized all for this sweater. just what an old person would buy from abercombie. 
i like it:-)

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