May 2, 2011

weekend in review...

if you are like me and a billion other people you started your weekend pretty early staring at these folks... surely the wedding of this century.. it was classic and modern and i loved every minute of it...


i'd have to say these two were my stand out favs. devishly handsome and stunning beauty.  probably not a likely couple but they sure were fun to look at. her dress was amazing. and what the heck DID he whisper to Prince William as Kate walked down the isle....

if you follow me on twitter then you've seen these pix.. i tried my hand at
a new banana bread recipe. i used this recipe which only calls for 2 or3 bananas which is usually what i end up with at the end of the week. munchkin is not a fan of bananas so i threw in a 1/2 cup of chocolate chips.. and she thought it was deelish...

And so did I! Can I just say YUM!!! I eat at least two slices every day:-(

unfortunately I even took a bite of this before i snapped the pic. Greedy people..

hubby had a little project of his own in mind for the weekend. i dont know if its because i'm a little heavy or because i free fall onto the toilet, but my loo gets a little wobbly from time to time. This is what happened when hubby tried to fix the problem:-/

while hubby was elbow deep in poo. the munchkin and i decided to take what turned into a VERY long hike down the way to this church to see exactly  what was smelling so terrific each time we pass it on the way home from the grocery store. It seemed a lot closer to my house from the car. It was well worth the exercise..

hopefully the hike cancelled out the calories. I even got a peach soda!

couldnt resist posting this pic. she saw some older kids in the neighborhood on their bikes and of course needed to strut her stuff immediately. we also made an appearance at the scorching hot Inman Park Fest. the only evidence I have is the King of Pops  blueberry lemonade popscicle stains on the munchkins clothes. 

voila! good job hubby!! is it inappropriate to photograph your toilet? oh well.

have a great week!

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