Apr 26, 2011

i meant to tell you about..

The munchkins first sleep over. Well it was really for me. Munchkins baby sitter had pity on me since hubby was out of town for the night:-). She brought over tons of carbs and calories for us to enjoy..

We had SO much fun eating this:

and popcorn and chips and drinking sweet tea (my little southern girls favorite)..

We all put on our favorite pajamas and...

and we listened to music and danced and watched Disney's Princess and the Frog and I let her stay up a whole hour past her bed time.. Then I talked the sitters ear off until she fell asleep on the couch:-). This little fun filled evening got me to thinking about a few things:

1.  I must go to New Orleans and have some Gumbo and Beignets..
2. I have since found most of the 13 pounds I lost last year this time.. Dag Blasted holiday candy, cookies and pies!! I need to do something about that.
3. I cant wait until my little munchkin has her first sleepover with friends her own age. Its going to be SO MUCH FUN!! And I'm sure she will have to ask me to stop talking and go to my room:-).

Thanks for hanging out with us Bree!

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