Dec 14, 2011

deck the halls..

This is totally off topic, but let me just say, I'm watching a recorded I Used To Be Fat, on MTV.  And I love this trainer guy Joey. He is INTENSE (and kinda hot too). And this kid Jose is AMAZING! So far he's lost 80 pounds in 60 days (with 30 days to go)! I'm proud of him like he's my own kid..  I know I have a problem...

at any rate, i had planned to do like a whole twelve days of Christmas list of my favorite gifts to give and receive. I think i'm getting started just a tad bit late. But I always say, better late than never.. No need for anyone else to have to suffer for my tardiness (i'll be working on that in the new year)..

First up:

I like giving cute pajamas as Christmas gifts.  If you're like me, I only buy new pajamas if I'm going on vacation or something of the sort. I assume other people are the same, because when visiting, I usually see a combination of sweats, scrubs, old t shirts and other well worn miscellaneous items of mismatched clothes..

that's where I step in:-)

i HATE being cold.. and this jcrew navy night shirt in silk polka dot is flirty
 but still (somewhat ) warm.. 

Now, I ran this by hubby and he wasnt a fan, but I think this Gabriella Slip at Anthropologie is super cute.  A little matronly yes, but very Charlotte:-)

These Kardashionian style set wouldnt ordinarily make my list. Although I've recently admitted to admiring Kourtney K's smart and chic style. I'm not usually a fan of animal print, but I've decided that it has it's place. And what better place to channel your inner animal than, well you know (okay TMI, right?!) Oddly I found this Leopard Print Pajama Set over at Ralph Lauren..

okay, last but not least I would totally wear , I mean give this this tory  burch luella pajama set. 
Comfy check. Warm, check. Lovely check.

okay shows over and this dude lost 115 pounds... I'm so inspired.  I need a tissue. I'm so proud.

and even prouder of my REAL child. this morning hubby and i attended her first recital/holiday performance at preschool. it was the funniest and cutest thing i have seen. the look of terror on their little faces when they came onto the stage and saw all of the papparzzi (i.e. crazed parents with cameras and camcorders) ready to eat them like the little candy canes they were dressed like, was quite a sight.  I LOVED IT!! Further proof that I am a deranged stage mom, just waiting for my opportunity to shine.  I was also dressed in a sparkly top just in case they needed an understudy to step in.

she asked me this morning if she could wear her pearls.

she refused to look at the camera, and had a blank stare once she saw us in the audience.. I'm sensing a pattern here.. it's only the beginning:-)

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