Dec 1, 2011

happy belated thanksgiving?!

okay, so this blogging thing was a little easier to do when the munchkin was an infant. now when she's awake, i have to entertain, read, color, paint, make snacks, i cant remember if it was always that way.. it's all a blur.. at any rate, contrary to appearances i really love to update my little blog, and let the friends and family know what we've been up to around here in Bunnieville.

So last weekend:

 we got the tree a little early this year. we usually pick it up at Big John's Trees the Sunday after Thanksgiving but this year, we got it a whole week before.. althought it took us a week to decorate it. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, decorating for the holidays... 
but it can be quite an undertaking (if you do it right:-)

hubbys parents came for the week!

and of course we prepared the Thanksgiving Feast..

I made sure that everyone pitched in...

Ta Da! And here is my masterpiece.. Thanks to Martha's recipe for Maple Glazed Turkey, this little beauty was the bell of the ball... Pretty good if I may say so myself..
Can anyone tell me how to get this pan clean?

At least someone got to work some of that food off!  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are working on some fun stuff for the holidays!

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