Dec 19, 2011


So Over the years, I've become a bit of a bag snob (thanks to hubby). Not that it has to be some over priced designer bag (not completely). A nice, leather, or canvas classic looking bag. That I will carry for years and years:-) I think leather goods are a great gift that never go out of style.. 
Here are a few I wouldnt mind adding to my collection..

mulberry brynmore for macbook pro

I  think this is supposed to be a mans bag, but I would totally rock it.

marc by marc jacobs classic q francesca

this one also comes in a delicious gray.. heavenly..

gucci monogram bag

I ran across this perusing net-a-porters web site..I know, I know.. dont judge me.. but I like it.. I'm not big on labels splattered across a product.. but this i'd carry. it has an older heir about it..  I like to say, I'm a sixty year old (bunnie) trapped inside the body of the a thirty (something) year old.. at any rate.. 

chloe paraty medium leather bag...

I know these bags are probably so last season.. not my problem. 
they are cute. and i likem'.. 
also on net-a-porters site...

okay, so the real reason I like these bags, are they are beautiful and can also double as a diaper bag. i like to call them carry-alls.. i.e. juice boxes, rubbermaid full of honey nut cheerios and wipees.

so there.. thats my short list.

Thought I'd post a few pix of the house. We've actually been enjoying the trimmings since before Thanksgiving.. Next time, I will have a better plan on how to keep my live greenery alive for such a long period.. Sadly, they are all turning  brown now, even though I misted them with water every other day.. Oh well..

I love the holidays.. my house looks so much more decorated and put together than it does in real life...

hubby insisted a long time ago that we have garnet and gold as our Christmas colors.. 
him being a FSU seminole and all?!

and here is Cooper. munchkin came up wiht that name all by herself.. he has been quite good at keeping her in line this holiday season.. dont want him giving Santa a bad report.. I think I might have to keep him around throughout the year as my side kick!


lesley graham said...

merry christmas you guys!!! heard the good news and i am THRILLED. hope to see you soon!!

bunnie said...

thanks lesley! i SAW you're good news as well!! good luck!!

MrsADS said...

It actually always DOES look that good in real life lol! If I don't speak to you in time, have a merry Christmas!


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