Dec 18, 2011

the sweetest thing

so the super sweetest thing happened today.. although I'm completely under the weather (my reasoning for being behind in my twelve days of Christmas adventure) and hubby would be just getting into town, I was determined to make it to church with the munchkin this morning.. We dashed out the door with about 10 minutes to make our destination on time. Lo and behold we forgot CoCo.. the munchkins lovey, which she noticed as we were about to get off the exit and proceeded to have a complete and total breakdown/meltdown, begging and screaming for me to PLEASE turn the car around to go and get her.. after I told her I could not, she asked if daddy could bring her? Since he was just getting off his plane, I pretended to call him and ask if he could (so I could at least get her to stop crying).. I know bad mommy (dont judge me).. I PANICKED OKAY!  So I did however send him a text to tell him what I had done once we sat down in church..  Long story short (I know, a little late for that) about 15 minutes before church let out, the munchkin spotted daddy standing in the back of the church holding CoCo (and a juice box).. OMG.. I LOVE this guy.. and so does she:-)

So in keeping with sweet things, I found these super sweet gifts, perfect for Christmas or any other special occassions.. I must admit, I've never tasted any of these, so feel free to send me a sample. But if they taste as lovely as they look..okay, I'm getting hungry now..

bee chocolates from john and kira.

ladybug tower from john and kira

john kelly peanut butter truffle bar

payard chocolate stars

murrays cheese raw blueberry honey

byrd company georgia peach cookies

richart holiday micromacaroons

Can you say YUM?!

Okay, since i'm on a roll with the sugary sweets, I thought I'd post some pix of the munchkin and her pals decorating Christmas Cookies..

we immediately got dressed in tiara and wand just in case we needed a little magic...

Ginger bread, Icing, sprinkles oh my!

I could eat her up!

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