Feb 10, 2012

I know, Its been a month since my last post.. And let me just say.. I'm in the process of doing 5 loads of laundry as we speak.. Old habits die hard:-(

Moving right along.. and getting ready for Valentines Day! I love a great DIY project. And now that the munchkin is old enough to write her name (ahem...) I have scoured the web for the perfect Valentine for her classmates (and teachers).. These are some of my favorites so far.. And if you are in a pinch, you can pull these together pretty quickly over the weekend for next Tuesday!

I fell in love with these Paint Chip Bookmarks on Old Town Home. Can I just run into the Sherwin Williams and relieve them of a whole stack? Would that be wrong?

Pinned Image

Friendship Bracelets from Dandee-Designs Blog!! Will definitely be pinning this for when the munchkin gets just a little older.

It reads, Happy Valentines Day for "CRAYON" out loud.. get it??? LOVE. Find the template for the card on this site

my little munchkin LOVES wiggly eyes (its what we call them). the wiggly eye (or wonky eye) is also the "momma" eye I use to keep the little one check. its the side eye I give her when she's "not being a good lister" and mommy means business... but I digress.. I found these at the  kraze4paper etsy shop , and thought they were super cute!

cute kawaii stuff - Eye Heart You Cards

the munchkin has many guy pals, I know they would find these amazing super hero Valentines I found on Zaka life super cool!

super hero! valentines

So i think we are going to go with this one. I stopped off at the Trader Joes and picked up some Organic Lollipops #dontjudgeme... and am going to work on these over the weekend.

Valentines  - Im a Sucker for You!!

This fearless crafter gives the deets on how to pull this off her blog.
So cute right? 

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Dana said...

Love all of these ideas. Some would be great at kids birthday party.


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