May 21, 2012

It is Tradition...

I mean no offense to my dear and loving mother who has been imparting her infinite wisdom on me over the last month or so as she has come to help me get settled into my growing family.  And believe me I dont know how I would have made it this last month (or in life) without her.

Since I often ask my Baptist minister of a mother, where in the Bible she is finding this tried and true rules to live by, she has began to call them instead, "Tradition."

Do you have any of these special "Traditions" in raising children in your family?

Oh no baby! You cant sweep the floor before your first post partum check up or you’ll have a “set back” in your recovery..
I walked around with trash on my feet for about 2 weeks after everyone left before I couldn’t take it any more.. To be on the safe side.. I wore socks as long as I could and then broke out my Swiffer vac. My doctor said I am “cured” of pregnancy and could return to my regular activities at my 4 week checkup..

 Its windy out here.. Now you know too much wind will make that baby colicky..
Now from her continuous reaching to pull the blanket over him and offering to take him inside it seemed as if he was not allowed to have any wind blow anywhere on his body? I read that horses get “colicky” when they gulp too much air.. but that sounds like gassy? 

You have to secure a quarter over that babys “outie” belly button to get rid of the hernia... Now the doctors wont tell you that baby.. its an “old time remedy”.
I have asked my pediatrician and my sister (who is a pediatrician) and they confirmed that there is no medical basis for this. However, I did get an hour long lecture from my grandmother who gave me explicit instructions and warnings against not taking care of this myself.

Ooh!! Do not let that baby look in the mirror before they “cut” teeth, or it will be a long time before those teeth come in..
Its too bad there’s a mirror above the car seat in the back seat so that I can see them from the front of the car. Munchkin has been brushing her teeth twice a day since she was 7 months old.

Now you know you need to go ahead and “shape” this baby’s head.. and by that I mean rub the baby’s head until it changes shape (from “peanut” to round?)..
Now the orderly (do they call them that?) in the hospital told me her son came out with a really long head and she thought he might have some mental issues, but after she “shaped” (rubbed it gently in a circular motion with baby oil?) it she felt much better. And he turned out to be just fine:-/

three generations of craziness (my hair is looking much better these days right?). 
yes, although I often poke fun at the crazy things my mother says.. i find myself still asking my three year old to spit on a broom every now and again..
its tradition:-)

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