Jul 11, 2012


Reality Check #1.
so she will probably kill me for talking about this, so i wont say any names... i went to visit a dear friend of mine who had a beautiful baby girl a month after my darling little h was born. she opened the door. and she was SO SKINNY. and i was SO JEALOUS. ... its my own fault. i have a problem with .. well sugar. not like , "i've got a little sugar (diabetes)". I just like it SO MUCH. cupcakes, birthday cake, donuts, cookies..ice cream.. all of the special "treats" i give to my little one (who could use the excess calories) i cant help but partake of myself.. additionally, the munchkin and I bake a lot during the week. its one of our favorite activities during the summer to beat the heat and keep the television off. .

Reality Check #2.
Last week, I went to see my doctor and the receptionist says (while pointing at my tummy), "Oh! You're getting a little bigger (with an "awwww" kinda smile on her face). And I replied, "Nope, I'm getting smaller. He's two months old:-( She apologized profusely.

Reality Check #3
My wardrobe is now very limited.  I'm not quite back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I've actually got about 20 lbs to go. And I'd like to look decent in a swim suit by the end of the summer.

Something like this:

or even this:

A girl can dream cant she?! 

I know. Lofty goals, but I've got to get it together. Nursing is not melting the pounds away like it did the last time, but I've got a plan to get my sexy back.

More water.
Less sugar. ( I had a little set back today, while packing a cupcake for the little girl, but i'm back on the horse for sure).
Take the stairs. (This will be tricky as I'm now pushing a stroller, but I think, I'll just carry the car seat (oh dear.. i'm not liking the way this is going).
More fruits and veggies.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I have hit some milestones.. the double chin is gone, i can see my collar bone again, my thighs have stopped sticking together (they just rub a little now), and all of my maternity clothes are officially too big.

So it's day number three since I saw my girl (you know the skinny one) and I've lost a pound and a half. Slow and steady wins the race right?

With a little prayer and abstinence, I will lose this baby weight by the end of the summer or my name isnt Bunnie (tee hee) :-)


Jillian Wiggs said...

your name isn't bunnie...is that the joke?

Jillian Wiggs said...

I'm just asking? Because I saw you twice in the last couple of weeks (that's not something i get to say everyday...yay!)...and you looked marvelous my dear! I especially liked the family Fourth of July effort! I just hate that I didn't take a family pic of the Fabulous Four on the Fourth!!! missing yall again....:(

bunnie hilliard said...

yes.. that was the joke:-) LOVE YOU!!! Miss you already!!

bunnie hilliard said...

also did you notice that i was walking around with my dress unzipped on the side? there was a reason for that:-)

BuddhaBelly said...

You are gorgeous and you look great! The last 17 will fall off girl don't you worry! Besides Lil H is going weigh 20 himself soon and you'll be carrying his booty around! Trust me boys are solid! He is your work-out! You can also come to yoga with me if you like! Tomorrow at 7:30!

bunnie hilliard said...

will have to try yoga soon! thanks b!


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