Aug 27, 2012


It seems I'm a little late to the party on this new little favorite book of mine ( it came out this time last year) I stumbled upon at our favorite chic  kids space (seedfactoryatl) while looking for a gift for a friend. 

I must admit I was immediately drawn to it because of the super cute little brown girl on the cover. I flipped through and Love LOVE the illustrations. Scooped a copy for the munchkins upcoming 4th (and very PINK) birthday party. currently scouring the web for more books by this author and illustrator.

super cute right?!

So but this little ditty is about a chica who goes to put on her favorite dress and realizes its too small (um, that sounds familiar.. I'm working on it okay)...

At any rate, her mom comes up with many ideas to continue to get tons of use of that most prized possession. I'm taking notes!

Here is the munchkins favorite dress:-/ it's her Rapunzel dress which she would wear everyday (and night) if I would allow it. It's quite tattered at this point. A replacement is in the works also for this birthday #4!!!

 Or maybe I will just make a headband out of it and call it a day;-)

do you remember your favorite dress from childhood?

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