Sep 1, 2012

oh NO HE DIDN'T!!!!

So then, I was telling hubby that i was thinking that I might go to Homecoming this year. As long as I got skinny enough in time.. He goes on to tell me that I say that I'm going every year and then I never end up going.. He then goes on to say, I have nothing to worry about I look good, just need to work on "that middle section." I could see the look of fear in his eyes at those last two words rolled off his tongue.


He tried to back track a little and say, Oh! you just had a baby Bunnie! Um, NOT BETTER. Guess I'll be holding my stomach in and wearing my SPANX around the house for a while..  
You can think it, but you are NEVER supposed to say it!


I'm working on it. Rattlers here I come!!

Rattler pride!! Woot woot!


Nakia said...

Hmm. One positive, I suppose, is that he realized he was wrong before he finished saying it. ;)

bunnie hilliard said...

Bright side, um no.

Mimi said...

Are you a Rattler too?!! Girl I had a baby two years ago and my middle is still.... I guess I'll be rocking my Spanx with orange and green!! Every year I say I am going to and I haven't been back since 2003. This year for sure *insert side eye*

bunnie hilliard said...

just found this mimi! we should totally roll out. #sssstrike


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