Sep 11, 2012

Helicopter Tiger Mommy to the Rescue!

After a long summer hiatus, school is finally back in session. My now 4 year old (as of about 2 weeks ago) is in Pre - K Woot woot! And the screeching tires that that you heard peeling from the parking lot was me. 

Now a year ago, the mom standing in the hallway crying was me. But we have both grown tremendously since then.

The squirt on the left belongs to me. And I am so super proud of her for getting herself dressed and brushing her teeth and making her bed now all on her own.

She is quite the independent lady when she wants to be. I must admit I have had her in a bit a boot camp trying to get her ready for the arrival of the little brother. I need all the help I can get. Which brings me to my question:

How much is too much responsibility for my preschooler?

 She had a bit of a break down this morning which prompted me to ask myself, is expecting her to make her bed and get herself dressed brush her teeth before coming down stairs to practice her letters and numbers and sight words everyday at breakfast really too much to ask?" 

I mean, I'm trying to raise a future modern artist/rocket scientist/prima ballerina/president over here.

Currently she is enrolled in a school that touts a "learn through play" (Reggio Emilia) philosophy. I think she has developed tremendously from a social aspect here, and am very proud of the young lady she is becoming. But how do I accomplish making sure she is independent and self disciplined all while being fantastically creative and smart and even emotionally stable and centered human being.

The better question is that too much responsibility for me? 

I just want to make sure she has every opportunity in the world to become the person i want her God created her to be: -)

One whose possibilities are limitless as long as she works hard.

I think she is well on her way (i might be a little biased).

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