Sep 30, 2012

Weekend in Bunnieville

I spent most of my weekend giving my husband the wonky side eye because while I seem to not be able to sit still(grocery shopping,laundry,flying over (helicopter mom who day dreams of being a shtty mom) these munchkins.. He finds time for words with friends, Star Wars, a nap??!! I think I'm more jealous than mad.. While I feel the need to run around like a crazy person, instead of just enjoying the weekend,knowing it will all get done eventually. 

A friend came over and rescued me for an hour or two.. we comiserated over pumpkin spice lattes. It was during our little chat that I made a decision to make sure that I find ways to get some enjoyment even in the mundane.. I envision getting caught up on (i.e. blasting on surround sound) my soaps and greys anatomy while folding, and fall days at the park with a little baileys in my coffee, (not sure how I will get home legally).. But you get what I'm saying!!!

Anyway.. What we were up to:

Quick batch of Guac for hubby. This was really a magic trick I conjured up so he wouldn't notice me slip out the back door for my latte with my home girl (yes I said home girl)..

Banana Bread with munchkin.. Another trick I use to keep munchkin from watching too much PBS kids (would you like to help mommy in the kitchen- I wonder how old she will be when she catches on?)

we made it to church house 

Oh and this was the best part of my 1st attempt at Bunnies Sunday Chicken Fricassee. It was all down hill from there..

Oh and while at the grocery store I picked up my new favorite lipstick (Revlon Wild Orchid) thanks to my style crush Ann Mashburns article in the new Martha Stewart mag.. This was the best shot I could get on short notice. Hubby says I look like my crazy friend on Facebook that takes pix of herself everyday..


real grown lady right? i think my girl Cicely has been wearing this shade since high school. always did think she looked fab:-)

Okay.. I've typed way too much. Hope you had a great weekend!

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