Oct 9, 2012

i need pumpkins!!

hubby went to the notre dame game in chicago without me this weekend (hooray!!) and after we scooped him from the airport we all headed over to a little harvested pumpkin patch we've been going to for the last few years at a local church. 

there were no pumpkins. so now i'm scouring the web for a patch that doesnt require me to drive a gazillion miles (sorry, i'm an intown girl..) especially until this little one learns how to chill in his car seat for more than 30 minutes.. 

and incidentally I ended up moving along in search of inspiration to dress up the front porch for fall and for halloween (with the aforementioned non-existent pumpkins). 

easy breezy 
doesnt require a gaziillion pumpkins 
spooky sophisticate (i made that up). 

here is some of what i came up with:

Updated Post: Somehow the pics got moved/removed:

Any plans to spruce up your front porch for fall? send me your pinterest board, I'd love to be nosy take a look!


p.s. please forgive my coding bloopers. learning in progress...

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