Nov 13, 2012

Adventures of a Blogging Mom - Shtty Moms Rule

3:30 a.m. this morning
Just awaking from the headache induced coma from the ONE Shtty Mom Shot (laced with Baileys and some other yummy goodness). Can you say light weight? I mean really. I had to take a gazillion milligrams of Tylenol to get it together.

So Yes!! the book signing!! I finished reading this hilarity and through some networking (stalking) got invited to the ShttyMom book signing hosted by some fabulous Atlanta Bloggers and the awesome ladies (and gentleman) of BeEverywhere.

Alicia Ybarbo reading an excerpt urging you to please "cover your outlet." 
I met these two ladies who are as cute and witty in person as the book. 

Shtty Mom came at the perfect time for me struggling with a new infant and 4 year old. When I was thinking to myself, "2 kids!! What in the ham sandwich were you thinking?!! - You actually purposely did this to yourself?!  The book my laughing so hard tea was coming out of my nose. And reminded me to take a chill pill. Bunnie's got this all under control (yeah, right).  These kids will turn out just fine (probably).

P.S. Shouts out to some new blogging buddies:
Trina at BabyShopaholic
Lindsey of Red Head Baby Mama


Titania Jordan said...

So glad you could come! What a fun night. :)

bunnie hilliard said...

hi! so nice to meet you!!


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