Dec 9, 2012

Bunnie Style - Weekend Staples

Finally the smoke has cleared and the germs have dissipated. Lemon, vinegar, water and a little disinfectant on all the door knobs, light fixtures (base boards and anything I could reach with a step stool). Hopefully it will last a while. 

 We finally got out and into creation this weekend. A school fall festival with some dear friends, church, even took the munchkin to see the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra.

Oh the reason for my post. Working on my style a bit. Its usually classic basics that fit and feel good. This is my usual weekend getup. Right now, I'm only working with things I can still fit in to. I refuse to buy bigger clothes. Little h's gestation riddled me with these extra 15 that the holidays are not helping me to get rid of.

But I digress.

Bunnie Style - Polished and Ready to Play:
Jeans - Highwaisted H&M brand
Knit Top - Tee from Target
Puffer Vest - Gap
Ballet Flats - Reva, Tory Burch 
(my patent leather Navies are my new black)
Messy Bun, Sexy Librarian Specs, Beads, and favorite lipstick:-)


Lydiagscarlett said...

Love the bun.

Anonymous said...

Andie looks like such a big girl!!! Love that pic!


Carla said...

I LOVE this. I need that vest.

But more importantly, glad things are better! (:

bunnie hilliard said...

Thanks and thanks Carla!


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