Dec 9, 2012

These are Few of My Favorite Things

I met up with a couple of my favorite chicas from a defunct book club of mine (see link) at a super cute little place in Inman Park. Quite cozy, great coffee. I ordered a simple breakfast of eggs and bacon. We sat and talked for way too long as we usually do when we finally get together. Lots to catch up on, jobs, kids, love, and of course The Young and the Restless. We've considered starting the book club up again and calling it the Y&R Historian Society. Nice ring to it eh? I think I may just refer to ourselves as such moving forward just because;-) At any rate, Parish Foods and Goods is on my Fave List now. They have a fancy restaurant upstairs (which I have not tried) and the market downstairs where you can grab your own cup of Joe, a pastry and some vintage candy (for later) and just chill.

Wanted to share a couple of my other new faves. Check out the links!

Currently Stalking:
I saw the cutest purple boots on the little one of a pal of mine so I checked out the site and am in love with their modern approach to classics like these driver loafers.

My new go to destination for adult libation inspiration. These boys know how to make a stiff one, and beautiful photography leave you drooling and wanting to pull up a chair. I'm all over this History of Egg Nog post

I've been saving items like a crazy woman over at WantWorthy. A site kinda like pinterest but where I do all of my virtual shopping. Now if I could only zap this link directly to hubby's cell phone:-)

This and This lovely blog inspires me daily.

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