Jan 5, 2013

Happy First Weekend of 2013!!

To be honest I really wasn't feeling 2013. The end of 2012 was a bit crappy for me. I had a bit of turmoil with a very good friend (and some family), this baby weight was showing no signs of going any where. Crazily I decided to embark upon sleep training (help. me. please.) while these munchkins have been coughing and wheezing for about six weeks straight. My hair was a horrible mess, which I need to have clean and shiny when the new year starts and I was struggling to get all of my laundry done by on December 31st (old wives tale - dont judge me).  
On New Years Eve, I was startled into awakeness (is not a word) at 1159 dashed down the stairs to make sure the dryer full of laundry wasnt still running, ran back up the stairs just almost in time to kiss my husband (who was asleep) and my babies (in their beds) at midnight. Not how I wanted to start this year!! 

But despite these (little) things. I've been pressing forward. Collecting items to make this year more organized, more productive, more fulfilling.  
A new journal (so my memoirs will be easier to write:-); pretty little totes to organize my bag; a new planner just for blogging.  a few good books, oh and An iPhone -finally!! (so I can succumb to my inner mammarrazi tendencies).. 

Planning and Preparing because guess what - I'm still here. And am very thankful that I have the ability to start again. 

And I will. 

Tonight, I will set my alarm and at 1159  and I will start again. I will close my eyes, and pray my New Year (a new beginning)in. I will thank God for his many blessings, for health and strength, and life. 

Things are already looking up. I reconnected with my friend over wine (a reward for losing 2.5  lbs last week). A sitter magically showed up at my house yesterday and I dashed out to get a fresh blow out. And the babies are on the mend.

 I have a sneaky feeling, the best is yet to come.

God is Good (and I know the Secret).

My Top 3 Intentions for 2013

Pay More Attention to Me
Im a better wife, mom, and person when I take care of myself. Beginning with some fitness goals. 
Ive started by just cutting my sugar and carb intake and drinking more water. The immediate results are an indication that i had gone off the deep end with the beignets.

Room by Room, Make My House a Home
I'm going to start small. The laundry room. What?! I spend a lot of time in there!! Totally inspired by this little space.

Make a Plan and Make it Happen!
My Event Planning business, blogging aspirations, family goals, spiritual growth. And just being as true to myself and authentic as I can possibly be. Good things come to those who wait work their little bums off.

Keep me in your prayers please. What are you planning for this year?

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