Jan 20, 2013

My Uniform - Bunnie Style

Has it really been THAT LONG since I blogged??!! I have a confession to make.. I have been in hiding, watching the first two seasons of Downton Abbey. But I didnt realize THAT much time had passed. Well in my defense can I just say AMAZE! 


So on to season three. I dont think I can take the anticipation of waiting week to week to see the next episode. My fave is Granny. I want to be just like this chick when I grow up. 

As I look at the pictures from this post I'm reminded of my most recent grocery trip where my favorite Seafood Lady rubbed my belly and asked "what's going on in there?" Really. In what world is that acceptable?! My response was, "um, well, a few situps wouldnt hurt."  when it should have been (as I rubbed HER belly).. "I could ask you the same thing dear." No matter that she is surely in her sixties and quite a bit larger than me. I'm just saying.. I really wasnt embarrassed, just surprised. My friend who was with me thinks she was quite embarrassed and mortified when she realized that I was not indeed expecting again. 
At any rate, I tried to go back through this post and delete the pics that werent as flattering just the same. 
In the mean time.. I'm working on it.

Good news is I've lost five pounds!!
Bad news - I rewarded myself with a chocolate cupcake:-/

Okay, so quickly. The real reason for this post was to talk about my goal to look presentable even when I'm just dropping the munchkin off to preschool or running errands.  In my old age, I've become MUCH less trendy (um, Jill do you remember my comic strip mini skirt and 50 buckle knee boots) and rely mainly on trusty basics (and heavy concealer) as my 'go to' for most occasions. I tend to keep it classic, but by switching out the scarf and boots for ones more your style - You'd be surprised how far they will get you. 

White Button Up similar here
Neutral Turtleneck similar here
Chunky Scarf similar here
Dark Leggings similar here
Cropped Trench similar here
Hunter Wellies here


Updating this post to join the "Mama Style" Link Up. 

So the question was posed, "How has my style changed since becoming a mom." ALOT.  I was the girl strutting up the highest of 7 hills with the highest of platform heels to my college classes.  I as kind of a chameleon in those days. Preppy one day, hip hop weave ponytail the next (Yeah! I said it!!).. Although I think it started gradually after I moved into my mid to late 20's got a corporate job and became a wife. I became less trendy and daring with my wardrobe choices. And settled into my "grown up style."

And then came the baby carriage. And it was set in stone as I mistakenly tried to put my Cole Haan platform heels on for church one day and ended up walking back to the car sour faced and barefoot.  

So comfy classics and ballet flats (or boots) for me. Thank You Tory Burch for making them so lovely and stylish. I knew I had made the right choice when at my first OB appointment, I saw no less than 6 ladies with the same ballet flat (different colors). Its part of the "mama uniform" I think.

but I digress here are my: 


1. Chunky Scarf. I tend to wear them like an accessory. Necklaces dont work for me currently as the 9 month old puts everything in sight in his mouth.
2. Dark Leggings or Skinny Jeans. High waisted helps to conceal any extra.
3. Knee boots. Riding Boots, Wellies, and my Uggs get ALOT of play. They tend to make me look and feel smart (polished).

What's your "mama" style?





Carla said...

I LOVE that scarf. I've tried watching Downton Abbey but it didn't seem all that interesting to me. But, that was maybe because I didn't really give it all of my attention. I may have to give it another go.

bunnie hilliard said...

Thanks Carla! It was a gift from hubby. I've tried to find it on the Notre Dame site to no avail. You have to give it a few episodes to get to know AND LOVE the characters. I hope you are well!!


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