Jan 23, 2013

True Story/Smoothie Recipe

      So a very good friend has been visiting while interviewing in the city the past week or so. With that she has also been getting the inside scoop on what really goes down in Bunnieville. Hair in a bun, cute boots, some lipstick and I'm off to be Super Mom!  The 530am wake ups, smelly poopy clothes, cleaning like a Hebrew slave all day, smart mouthed kids, and a husband who will eat chocolate peanuts for dinner if I dont cook all while carrying an extra 20lbs (in an Ergo strapped to my chest). 

      Then after hours, a little work, a little yoga, and quiet trips to the book store, a glass of wine in the evenings. 

      Ah.. the life right? NOPE. 

      I thought I was showing her how a real Glamamom, can DO IT ALL. So I asked, do you think you'd want to leave corporate and to be at home with kids someday. Her reply, "absolutely not." "Well maybe with one child, but definitely not two." "It looks like much more fun when reading your blog." 


    I guess the secrets out. I think I said too much during one of our evening talks over wine.  

    In the interim, I will continue to run around like a crazy person all day. Pretend to have "me" time in the evenings..  and put pretty pictures on the blog. Whatever helps you sleep at night right?

    Speaking of which, here's a quick smoothie recipe I've been putting together. I got a new Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender, and I think I can make almost anything with it. Its my fave.




Carla said...

I LOVE the homemade smoothies that I concoct. I'm sure my neighbors hate me in the morning, but whatever. I usually get the frozen mixed berries from Dollar Tree and add in some fresh fruit and a little milk. DEE-licious!

bunnie hilliard said...

hi carla! i hope you are well - please forgive the TARDY replay! apparently i didn't know how to reply to comments back in the day?! over my head.. so if i run into them as i'm making updates of the blog, please don't think i'm crazy for some out of day hello. SO RUDE OF ME. still making yummy smoothies around here, how about you?!!


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