Feb 8, 2013

Inspired by: This Little Guy

Today was a good day. Colds dissipated. Little ones slept well through the night. An early jump on the day but not overly so. Some housework. Good naps for little h. Museum for munchkin after school. A little wine in the afternoon. And some writing which always brightens my day. Thanking God for peaceful days. And for February. We are a week in and I'm feeling hopeful and happy and inspired. Currently snuggled up in front of what is hopefully one of the last fires of the season and looking forward to celebrating:

My 7th Wedding Anniversary.Yowsa!
Valentines Day with H. and the munchkins
Black History Month here
The end to colder days. 

And hopefully being just a little bit awesome. Starting the weekend with this Pep Talk. I just cant stop watching it. Watch and Share with anyone that can use some encouragement. 

This is your time!!!



Carla said...

I just saw this on another blog and thought it was amazing! This kid is absolutely adorable!

"We were made to be awesome.."

bunnie hilliard said...



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