Mar 9, 2013

Happy Saturday + Some Ideas for Spring Planting

It got me again. The bug. Last week ended with all the usual suspects (is there a tasteful way to say poop and throw up??).. And a couple of days ago it hit me too. Gah!! Can spring just hurry up and get here already?! Im actually not feeling my best just yet. I'm working on a couple of fun posts I havent been able to give me full attention to.
But I wanted to say hello in the mean time... Sitting outside waiting for the munchkin to finish ballet - ahh 45 whole minutes to myself...

Its actually supposed to be pretty nice here this weekend (mid 60's or so). So I'm daydreaming of doing a little of this, and this, oh and this.

And hoping it all turns out like this:

Ha! A girl can dream cant she? The space I'll be working with is much smaller. I will keep you posted. In the mean time, see more patio/backyard garden ideas here on my Bunnie's GARDEN Pinterest board. Is there anything better than Pinterest?

P.S. Changed locations. Drop-off Party for the munchkin at Haverty Hollow in Garden Hills (Buckhead). Super cute place now on my Perfect Party Spaces list. Grabbing a quick cup of tea (just a little cheating), and finishing up this blog post.

P.S.S. Back home again. Good grief, I could not get this post out to save my life. I just wanted to say hello:-)

Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday.


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