Mar 12, 2013

Mommy Chronicles {PTO}

In the garage this morning just as I was about to get in the car the munchkin exclaimed, "I have a headache, can you buckle me in." And I lost it!


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In my defense - I've been under the weather for about a week now. Is it me or do I talk about coughs (and poo) in every post? The winter months tend to wreak havoc on my house full of asthmatics... And we pass it around like we are running a relay.

So yes, being a stay at home mom has its perks. I love these little people like nobodies business and making them happy and healthy (and smart, and brave, and talented...) is my life's work. but I'm just saying.. Can I get a sick day?

One where I can get some tea and some noodles and stay in bed and watch movies (and blog) and all the magic still happens (i.e. everyone gets fed, and where they need to go, and the house does not look like the Tazmanian Devil dropped by)...

But I digress...

Back to my story.. So after I counted to 7 (nope I dont even get 10 seconds to myself).. And took a few deep breaths. I walked around to her side of the car. Clicked her seatbelt. And looked into her eyes and said (in my regular voice),"remember, mommy isn't feeling very well, so I'm going to need you to cut me some slack and help mommy today. I should not have yelled. That is not the way we talk to each other. I love you very much." Tears were dried (mine not hers) and we jammed to Beyonce .... Err French lessons on the way to preschool.

I hate it when I lose my temper with the kids.. But sometimes to say a few cuss' words you just need a minute.

How do you handle being under the weather and Magical Mom at the same time?


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