Apr 25, 2013

What Do You Want for Mothers Day {NO SHAME} ??

Pushing our WiFi to the brink tonight running all laptops and iPads while playing Words With Friends on the phones. What in the world would we do without all of these gadgets??

Speaking of which - Ahem. Mothers Day. Just around the bend. Oddly, I'm not that into gadety things. As long as I can use it to watch my favorite show, listen to music, and take some good pictures of the munchkins - I'm all over it.

But I digress... I used to use the blog (back in my Pearls and Khakis days) to send subliminal images to H's about what gifts he should be considering for any upcoming holidays or special occasions.

Thinking I'll give that a try again. Or I'll just try the direct approach:


As for gadget overload, dont worry...We will shut it all down in time to snuggle up and watch the latest episode of Scandal.

What shows do you like to snuggle up and watch with your hubby/boyfriend/boo thang?


P.S.   H - Some good chocolate and a JCrew Gift Card is also acceptable:-)

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