Apr 24, 2013

Real Women {Moms} Making Their Mark - Lesley W. Graham

Gah! Somehow one of my favorite blog posts got deleted as I was trying to make changes to the site. This one. I tried to recover it in its rightful place (Easter) to no avail. Reposting so it doesn't get lost. I know it looks a little wacky here but - Look for my Mothers Day Wish List later today!!

Happy Easter! Just scooted out the last of our egg hunters and I've been saving this blog post/interview with one of my favorite bloggers to round out this Womens History/Awareness Month. I think she is wonderful and if you havent checked out her very personal and inspiring family living blog Lesley W. Graham already, I'm very excited to introduce you. 

Lesley W. Graham, wife and mom of two precious girls and bloggess extraordiairre.

What were you doing career wise when you decided to create your own blog/business?
I was (and still am to a degree) in retail for 15 years. I've done it all! 

Whats your advice on balancing being a mom and a business owner.
 I am learning every day! I think for me I can judge how well I'm doing by how my kids seem. If everyone is stressed and grumpy it's time to step away from the phone/computer and give them my full attention. It's such a juggling act!

What was your biggest obstacle?
I think there is a huge learning curve when you start working for yourself. Taxes, deadlines, html, social media... it can be overwhelming. Of course as a mom the biggest obstacle is time management.

How did you maintain your confidence when doors where closed in your face or things seemed like it might not happen.
Last year due to a million different reasons I started working from home. I changed my blog to a new url and basically listened to crickets for the first half of the year. I second guessed myself and felt really insecure but slowly and surely I started getting more traffic and I got more jobs because of my blog. Yahoo!

Where do you work from?
Almost always from my couch. On the rare occasion that my mom has the girls I'll go to a coffee shop because it makes me feel fancy.

How have you been using Social Media to grow your business?
Social media. Such a mystery sometimes. I still don't feel like I really get twitter but here goes...
I use Instagram the most because I'm a visual person and I enjoy getting to see a peek into other people's lives. I mostly take pictures of my kids. Guilty. It's a great way to connect with readers and for them to get a dose of your daily world.
Twitter is an amazing way to touchbase with other bloggers that I admire and to get a newsfeed of what's going on in my "industry."
Facebook is great for interacting with people that read my blog, for posting links, (it's one of my top referrals), and for taking polls, etc.

Do you have any role models that inspire you in your blog/business? What about them inspires you?
So many! I admire all moms who are hustling (including you!). Some blogs I love (to name a few): Oh Joy!, Bleubird, and Katie's Pencil Box.

What’s a typical day in the life? 
Wake up super early. Answer emails and have my coffee before the girls wake up (if I'm lucky!). Spend the morning with the girls. Lunch. Try and time their naps so that I have at least an hour to crank out some blog posts (currently managing two blogs plus my own). Try to find a way to fill those last few hours before dinner: play outside, color, movie (depending on how wiped out I am). Dinner. Bath. Storytime. Try and have an adult conversation with my husband while working. BED. Repeat.

Whats your guilty pleasure?
Pinterest. Love it so much.

What’s your best blogging mom advice?
 I think for me it's being honest. I think there can be a disconnect if you aren't relatable. There is a fine line though, no one wants to hear a bunch of griping. The biggest reward to me is having another mom email me and say they appreciate me being real. Love that.
For a dose of daily inspiration you can follow her on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook!! 

I hope you've enjoyed learning more about these inspiring women this month. They continue to encourage and amaze me daily. 

It was such a beautiful day even though it rained. We made sure to take time to remember the ultimate Sacrifce made for us all this Resurrection Day, and spent time with close friends. Did you do anything special today?



Claire Kiefer said...

Awwww, love this sweet interview! <3

bunnie hilliard said...

Claire! Yes!! I LOVE her, she is the SUPER SWEETEST!!


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