May 24, 2013

Make This! Seersucker {Everyday Napkins}

I've been meaning to do this for some time now - Make some cloth napkins for the house. We have the nice white linen ones we registered for and pull out for dinner parties and such. But I wanted some that we could use for lunch/dinner every day in lieu of using a gazillion paper towels.

I was out to dinner with some girlfriends and loved the smaller (rectangle) lap napkins they used instead of the traditional larger square.. I've got tons of scrap fabric so this is only the beginning... I will be mixing and matching with different color fabrics.

I started with some leftover seersucker  fabric I had from little h's first birthday. The fabric is inexpensive, (available at almost any fabric store), and perfect for warmer weather.  Oh and the slightly puckered texture of seersucker means no need for ironing - YES!

You Need:
Pinking Shears or Scissors
Fabric (seersucker in this case)

Step One:
Measure and cut six 20 x 10 rectangles..

Step Two: 
You may create a fringed border by using a straight pin to pull out several threads. As you wash the border will continue to unravel creating a more casual look. I considered sewing a line around the border to minimize this, but decided to wait.

Super simple. And even make a quick and cute hostess gift!  What's your "go to" hostess gift? I'd love to hear all about it and totally steal your idea!



Anonymous said...

Cute! Um, didn't you say you we're going to make some for me, Boo Friend??? :)

bunnie hilliard said...

If we can ever get to Hobby Lobby! Ha!

Ele said...

Using patterned edge scissors is genius! Such a great alternative to hemming the edges. I've been wanting to make some cloth napkins but have been delaying it since I'm in need of a new machine, but I think this will work just fine. thanks!



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