May 20, 2013

{Mom Talk} Monday - Mommy Musts; How to get it all done.

So I was having a morning check in chat with a dear friend of mine the other day. Running down the list of the gazillion things she needed to get done before school lets out. And if you are a super mommy like I am she is, you have no choice but to pitch in on ALL class an school initiatives. Which lends itself to either being a master planner, organizer, multitasker. Or feeling overwhelmed on a regular basis. Not sure if there is a middle ground here. Having succumbed to the need to "do it all" (in the three hours that my munchkin is in preschool) myself..    I've come up with a plan and the tools necessary to keep my sanity:

My Mommy Musts

My iPhone 
Yes! I switched from an AnDROID to an iPhone and havent looked back. It allows me to check emails and messages and facebook/twitter throughout the day. I can quickly check and update my calendar with work events and play dates and most importantly take great quality pics like the mammarrazi I am.

My Two Planners:
One for Work/Blog Planning and One for everything else. I try to put things on my iCalendar and also write them down - and set reminders. With the two of them, its easy to get distracted.

My Daily (Big) Top Three
What are the three "Big" things I need to get done that day? I focus on making those happen. Keep it simple.
My top three includes: a work thing, a cleaning thing, and an important errand. With the 1 year old (and his wonky nap routines) I have to be flexible and be able to roll with the punches. So if he wakes up early from his nap - we jump in the car and run that errand. If he's playing happily with his sister; I fold that load of laundry like my life depends on it. And if he's napping peacefully, I finish up that vision board for an event, or blog post I've been working on. And then at night I have a "Me Thing" which usually includes journaling while The Young and the Restless is playing on the iPad in the background. 

My Two Minute Rule 
If it takes me less than two minutes - I do it right then. Make a quick call. Send a text. Pick up the toys. Sweep the floor. I really like crossing things off my list and not having to think about them later.

What are some of your mommy musts for making sure you get it done?

I can always use a little help from my momtourage:-)



Carla said...

I MUST have my Evo -- it is really attached to the palm of my hand and my life is pretty much governed by it. When it comes to organization, I use Google for almost everything, especially Google Calendar. When school was in session, each of us had a calendar and we had a family calendar for fun events, etc. And that system worked.. it works I tell ya!

I like the Two minute rule and I may have to consider adopting it.

bunnie hilliard said...

yes! now when you have 50 things that take only two minutes.. it gets tricky:-) thanks for the advice!


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