May 16, 2013

I am throwing away all of my underwear!!

Sooooooo, I am not feeling particularly sexy these days. 

Possible causes:
I've been trying something different with my hair (more au naturale: see here) -which may or may not be contributing to my confusion. I'm also trying to get rid of these last 10 pounds of baby weight - which has its good and bad days. AND - during a spring cleaning effort, I ended up giving a good friend of mine a lot of things I can no longer fit into. Seeing her in clothes from my "skinnier days" has a special kind of blow to my ego. And to top it all off, someone asked me at a little soiree I was throwing if one of my friends was my DAUGHTER. really? WHAT. THE. HELL??! (excuse my french).  I thought I was going to spit (i know, not very lady-like)!!   Now in my defense, I was dressed like FLOTUS and my friend was dressed like she was going clamming. But still.

I thought you were supposed to feel more confident in your thirties (more emotionally stable, aware, comfortable in your skin)?? Your thoughts here?

So in addition to the battle of the baby bulge. I've got an additional mission. Bringing Sexy Back. From the inside out.  Lets face it. Its important. Well it is to me anyway.  Not necessarily for other people to tell me that I'm sexy. But just to feel it. SEXY is a feeling.

Kevin Hart (Yes, I said Kevin Hart) recently said, When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you do AMAZING THINGS. And I plan to do AMAZING THINGS.

Sadly, I will admit that although I stopped nursing little h about 5 months ago.. I'm still wearing my maternity bras (and underwear). H said he'd like me to step up my game once the little one turned a year old. I think thats my cue.

So I'm looking for some everyday (attractive, cute, sexy, AFFORDABLE) underwear. I found these 50's era little skivvies here - my version of sexy. I think I'd like to stick with variations of black. I've collected a few things I like over here on Pinterest.

Do you have a "go-to" shop/brand for intimates?

And on Sexy:  What do you do that makes you feel sexy (a particular perfume, moisturizer, affirmations)???



Anonymous said...

all things Thierry Mugler makes me feel sexy...His fragrances will have your man going crazy and other men will ask you what you are wearing so they can get some for their woman because it smells so good...check it out!


Claire Kiefer said...

My favorite panties are from Gap Body. They're cute and so comfy. Cause no matter how sexy panties are, I AINT WEARIN EM if they aren't comfy. ;)

Lipstick and perfume help too. I recently bought Shocking Coral from the Maybelline Vivids line, and it's so pretty.

FYI you look great, and I don't believe you have a single pound to lose!

bunnie hilliard said...

hmm.. will have to check that out!

bunnie hilliard said...

ha! thanks claire! same here. i am all about the cute AND COMFY! i am definitely going to check out gap body. i dont have "real boobs" so, i dont want to spend a gazillion dollars on a bra:-)


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