Jun 3, 2013

Hello June - Cute and Easy Manicure {My One Coat Trick}

Happy June!

With the warmer months in full swing (at least around these parts) I'm trying to do a better job of keeping my toesies and nails looking the part.  Now, I'm as girly girl as they come. But with the amount of times I wash my hands (I'm a bit of a germophobe) a day, coupled with the fact that I have the absolute worst hand eye coordination I like to color outside the lines. An elaborate and stylish manicure unfortunately is wasted on me (I generally keep them trimmed and buffed). Except on a special occasion. I know not very "glamamom" of me. I'm more of a "I have my good days" mom.

Yes, let's roll with that.

So I recently stumbled upon a few super cute nail polishes - perfect for summer.

This one is called Earth Angel by Colour Gossip Nail Lacquer. It has a slight mint green tint. I got it in a swag bag at the Red Tricycle Atlanta Launch event.

I like to call this Nail Tinting. Just one Coat. Well actually two (including the clear coat).

Reasons this works for me:
It makes me feel pretty and polished.
It takes 5 minutes (because there's only two coats).
(Almost) No time to dry. Which is all I have time for.

I did this last week on my little beach vacay and it lasted all week!!!

What do you think?



Carla said...

I love it!

I'm not really into color when it comes to my nails but I do plan to try something new this summer. I've recently tried the Pam method and it actually works.

bunnie hilliard said...

me neither. too much trouble for the wear and tear my hands have to go through. but i'm loving this "tint". at little color, not a lot of fuss, still cute. totally looking that (PAM) one up.

Katherine Phillips said...

I actually am not a nail polish kind of girl. But I will wear it occasionally. I love this color!!

Lindsey Paris said...

I work with my hands, so a manicure that is beyond a buff is totally wasted on me. BUT I think I can get behind a home single coat in something nice and neutral. Inspiring!


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