Jun 5, 2013

Your New Favorite Summer Cocktail {Coconut Republic}

So This yummy goodness totally knocked my socks off last week in Rosemary Beach. I am so NOT A BEER DRINKER. And had never tried sake before. So I was totally surprised at how much I was crushing on this one. Crisp, refreshing and totally one of the reasons I went berserk and ditched my plan to be conservative with my cocktail/ice cream intake on our little summer kick off beach excursion.  Oh well. I started June with a kick butt Boot Camp at 5:45 am on Monday. Damage Control. 
In the mean time, I had to share:

Coconut Republic

Coconut republic.

5 oz Ginger Beer
Fresh Mint
2 oz. Coconut Sake
Fresh Lime Wedge
(153 calories)

Use this link to find a TYKU Coconut Sake retailer near you!

What's your favorite summer libation?


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