Jul 2, 2013

Make This: 4th of July Tops {for the munchkins}

Running a little behind on putting together some patriotic ensembles for Fourth of July for the family. I saw something similar in my recent issue of Martha Stewart Living and whipped this up in no time. Here's the details on how you can put something super cute together in a flash too:

This DIY top is super easy and can be done really in a matter of minutes (plus a few hours drying time).      Perfectly paired with khakis or denim and just in time for the fireworks!

What You'll need:
Painters Tape
Fabric Paint
Craft Paper
Paint Brush

Create the stripes by sticking painters tape down where ever your want the area to stay white. Make sure you stick the edges down well to prevent bleeding. Also, put some craft paper in between the front and back of the shirt to keep from bleeding through.

Then paint the untaped area with fabric paint. (I used Kid Made Modern fabric paint - I got from Target). Let dry overnight and set with iron.

Now its ready to wear! I love stripes so I'll be using this technique and the rest of the super cool colors (that came in the 8 pack) to hook up a few more fun summer t-shirts for the kiddos and for me too!.



Candice said...

Awww Bunnie, this is cute! Matt's birthday is the 4th of July....love the idea.

bunnie hilliard said...

yay! thats right! mom moms birthday is on the fourth! hope you guys did something fun:-)

Brandi said...

Such a sweet idea! Stopping over from Red Tricycle to say hello. So happy to have found your blog!

bunnie hilliard said...

hi brandi! thanks SO MUCH for stopping by! hope you'll come over again soon!!


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