Jul 1, 2013

Last Friday's Post - A {Video} from Las Vegas!

Now that I'm back. I've been able to update this post properly with links.  Hope you had a great weekend! Now on to getting ready for FIREWORKS and THE FOURTH OF JULY!!

Greetings from Vegas!

Trying to blog while out of town {for my best friends wedding} from your iPhone has proved to NOT be for the faint of heart. 

Gah! All I wanted to do is say hello and wish you a happy Awesome AMAZING  weekend! oh and give you a few inspiring links to peruse in your free time. I'VE BEEN WORKING ON THIS SINCE 6am (Vegas time - I went to bed at 3am?!!)

Crossing my fingers and hitting PUBLISH now:-)

 I think Ive found my calling:-) ha!

some fun things to peruse at your leisure:
This photo book site will definitely inspire you to start organizing your summer vacation photos NOW. 

Oh, getting my blogging juices, time management and organizing flow in check.

Sure wish I was eight years old again, so I could ROCK with these summer campers!

Currently checking out all the fabulousness and making a list of all the wonderful things I can make on this new DIY site

Still stalking this super cute celebrity family  and LOVING an inside look at their home. 


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