Jul 26, 2013


I'm off to Charlotte with one of my girls to see this fierceness and have a little mommy weekend getaway! I've seen Beyonce a couple of times live, so I know I'm in for a treat (and a work out and a sweat since I will be dancing my little heart out trying to keep up with her)! 

I"ve been scouring the web looking for ideas on what a grown person wears to a concert (that they are not dropping their child off too).  Finally last night, I ended up in H&M trying on a few pairs of jeans that I swear (am praying) had to be Juniors sizes. The line was SO LONG, that when I went to check out (with my necklace and tank) I could not even be bothered (I hid them under a pile of plaid short sleeved button ups and am hoping to slip in and out of there this morning when hopefully its not nearly as crowded). It could have been worse. Like going into Abercrombie and Fitch - which I never do. The music and over powering cologne gave me bad dreams for a week.  But I digress.

I'm still not certain what I'll be wearing, but In a perfect world I'd have these things in my closet just in case:

This comfy (and fierce) statement shoe.
Some sexy and worn-in Jeans like these.
A sophisticated/rocker chic (is that even possible??) necklace.
And this Ladyee Boutique blouse I've been eyeing (and is on sale)!!

Now what I AM CERTAIN OF is that I am going to have an AMAZING TIME. A few of my friends have seen her on this tour and are RAVING about the performance. We have a reservation at a great hotel that is walking distance from the venue. Dinner reservations at a fancy (and delicious) restaurant. And NO ONE to wake me up the next day.. except a good cup of coffee. 

Am I bragging... maybe a little.  I may get up and leave for my trip before the folks over here even wake up. HA!

What are you getting into this weekend?



Tanesha Woods said...

I love baddie Bey and I have seen ms. thang in action live myself!! I hope you enjoyed your mini getaway! You picked some nice items to wear....saw your Instagram photo! Simple, chic, and comfy is the way to go for grown ups!

bunnie hilliard said...

Hey! I missed this Tanesha! What do you think about that new album?! I can't listen to it in public:-/


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