Aug 10, 2013

Blurred Lines - Weekends in Bunnieville

This is the official last weekend of summer at our house. As of Monday, the precious will be in Kindergarten - GAH!! I had every intention of practicing the new routine last week so that we would be all set to arrive bright and early like old pros. Getting up early, trying out our new route... Instead we reveled in our last mornings of snuggling in bed and watching PBS kids, having a leisurely breakfast of pancakes or oatmeal crammed with butter and maple syrup and hanging out in the front yard until little h was ready for a morning nap. Its best to take advantage of these opportunities while you have them right?

I think she is pretty AMAZING. Smart, funny, she is going to KNOCK THIER SOCKS OFF...

and she's got moves TURN YOUR MUSIC UP:


I posted this on Instagram earlier today and just had to re-share. This song really makes you move right?

What was your favorite summer song?!


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