Sep 9, 2013


I hope you had a marvelous weekend. It has been pretty hectic (or at least exhausting) around here. Little h slept through the night for the first time in a week.  We were like zombies around here. To combat the fatigue I've been trying to drink more water and eat a little healthier. I had been doing pretty good until H brought home the brownies and macadamia nut cookies from the market. We even had the nerve to break out the smores... Gah! 

I'm back on track now, but it was touch and go over the weekend. I find it best to just gobble them all down in one sitting so that the calories dont linger in the house for an extended period of time.. but I digress...

I made this yummy salad that I adapted from this recipe I found in my Real Simple Mag.  Super simple. Perfect for a light lunch or a side dish to your meal. I paired it with some leftover grilled chicken from the weekend. I substituted fresh basil for the thyme because its what I had in my little herb garden.  I decided shallots are my new fave. Just had to share.

Are you eating light or digging into comfort food already?



Carla said...

I don't think I've ever ate lightly. LOL! But what I can say is that I am eating more complete meals which pretty much reduces the snacking that I've been doing lately. And I guess what also makes the difference is when I snack, it's usually something like fruit as I don't eat a lot of sweet stuff often.

I've never tried peaches in a salad. It sounds delicious! What type of dressing did you use?

bunnie hilliard said...
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bunnie hilliard said...

I WISH I didnt care for sweets!!! It is my MAJOR issue as it relates to healthy eating.. I'm trying really hard these days to sub fruit for my sweet cravings.. which should be easier to do, since I keep tons of it around for the kids. This salad was YUM - The dressing was just olive oil, apple cider vinegar (a dash) and salt and pepper


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