Sep 2, 2013


Not sure why this little person is still awake. I think we may be battling some teething issues or switching from two naps to the one? Whatever the case may be, its after 10 o'clock p.m. and he is in there watching The Cosby Show with Tony (he usually goes to bed around 7). I was able to sneak away for just a few to finish up this post and get my mind wrapped around whats going on this week (and this month). 

I hope you had a great long weekend. It was a pretty rainy one here, so we didnt get out much. Lots of quality family time though. Playing board games, making breakfast and WAY TOO MUCH laundry. 
I'm a big "list" and calendar person. It helps me stay on track, keeps me sane, and gives me a since of accomplishment when I can check things off (no matter how big or small).

 I'm looking forward to fall, Its my most favorite time of year. Even though doesnt have the newness of Spring or New Years it still feels fresh to me. Maybe its the crisp fall air? The perfect time for making changes. With that said, I've jotted down a few things I'd like to work on this month:

>>Drink more water, eat less sugar.

>>Take (and print) more pictures. In this digital age we are capturing and holding hostage a gazillion images. I'm working on blurb book (which may take me a while). But in the mean time, I am printing pics for a good old fashioned photo album. I have some albums from my mom and Tony's mom and I LOVE thumbing through them every once in a while.. 

>>Continue to get up before the kids for some meditation and "me time". I've been following She Reads Truth which is delivered straight to my email box.. Its been a great way to start the day.

>>Spend more time reading and less time watching TV. I tend to unwind with some good bad mindless television (or web/pinterest stalking surfing). But I feel so much better (and less guilty) when I finish the evening with a good book.

>>Dedicate more time to my Munchkin Jewelry Line, still working on a name (and open to suggestions). I've been taking some custom orders, making things for the parties I've been planning... but I'd like to set up an Etsy Shop soon!

What things are you working on this month?



LA Lynn's said...

Great fall tips... I'm sooo not ready for fall I get hiccups just thinking about to wear & you seem to be sooo organized! Kudos to you... Hope the little one is ok with teething & u were able to get a little rest in.


Carla said...

I'm a big list/planner/calendar person too. Google Calendar and my Foray planner have really saved my life. I've been ready for Fall for quite some time and like you, I'm in love with the crisp air too. :swoon:

bunnie hilliard said...

Hey!! Things are SO MUCH better this week with little h sleeping through the night. He is getting a LOAD of teeth in all at once, poor thing. I've been relying heavily on my planner (yes, I still write things down) and my iCalendar that I share with hubby. And the printed calendar. It helps me to have constant reminders (apparently:-)...

bunnie hilliard said...

yes!! YAY FALL! and this year I am all over this County Fair. also already planning for Halloween:-) munchkin wants to be a pirate this year. now the question is am I going to have to MAKE (or buy) this costume..


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