Sep 13, 2013



With the munchkin headed off to kindergarten and the little h growing like a weed, I've been sorting through clothes like a mad woman. I have three piles: 1) donate (to goodwill or friends) 2) consign 3) keep. The "keep" pile consists of those things I cant bear to part with.. First winters caps, the dress munchkin came home from the hospital in, those first walking shoes (and sunnies)... I've been doing some scrap boxes with some of my favorite mementos and this I'll be hanging in little h's room. He wore this on his first birthday, we also did a baby dedication (like a Christening) that day. He is my SWEET little man. 

It was super easy. Just covered the board with (my most favoritest) fabric and used straight pins inside the shoulders and legs of the garment to stretch out and secure.

You should totally do this. What would you frame and put on display?


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Tanesha Woods said...

Adorbs!! I want to get into scrapbooking and shadow boxes soon! He is almost four so as now I would like to box his coming home outfit and his T-ball uniform and glove!! Really should have held on to a few more items but anywho.

bunnie hilliard said...

Yes!! Trying to check some of those things off of my to do list as well. If I werent such a hoarder, I've have gotten rid of that stuff too. Thankfully we have basement where I can hide all of these things from hubby until I'm ready to look at them again:-) Oh check this our for some display ideas if you havent already:


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