Oct 24, 2013


fall (mama) style

I realized my glasses are missing in action. They are either in the bottom of the garbage can because little h decided they needed to be disposed of or somewhere in this house.. a toy bin, a drawer?!!  So In my search for a new pair of frames, I decided that I'm pretty sure I need a major wardrobe over haul. Logical deduction..

In a perfect world, I'd get up early (run, meditate, shower... hahahahaha) - pull on classic, comfy, and warm wardrobe staples every day and add a little flair - before dashing out to drop the munchkin off at Kindergarten and get into whatever messiness little h and I have planned for the day. A hot pink lip, a funky hair clip.  Oh and this crush worthy messy ponytail (which might require some extensions, but you get the jest).. YES PLEASE.  And these cords would fit perfectly in all the right places:-)  This looks a bit dressy on first glance, but I'd totally put my puffer vest over it and a chunky scarf (and these sneaks I've been eyeing for ages) and rock this to the play ground..

I said in a PERFECT WORLD...

So those Cat Eye frames are super sexy right?

I'd be interested in your input on what you'd add to your closet? 

Oh! shop these items here:
Cords | Frames | Nail Polish | Gingham Top | Shoes | Lipstick | Ponytail Holder


p.s. see more of my hair crushes here and my virtual dream closet here:-)

1 comment:

Tanesha Woods said...

Yes these are gooood staples and would include a BJ jacket and a pea coat!! I also have a #instacloset and one on Pin lol!! I adore a messy bun or a nice head of curls neither of which I have! I really need a pair of frames in my life......fall fashion rocks!!


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