Oct 27, 2013


This weekend has felt like the culmination of all that is fall. I finally got the mums for the front porch. We went to munchkins school fall festival. We lit the first fire of the season. H even had a few of his friends in town for  a weekend of festivities to welcome home a good friend moving back to the U.S. from a stint in Dubai. More male bonding than you can shake a stick at. Good Friends, Good Food, and Yummy Drinks! YES.

You know its fall when you start dipping your apples in all sorts of yummy goodness.  Werther's Original was kind enough to send over a basket full of their Werther's Original Baking Caramels that I had been holding on to for such a occasion. I'm usually a candied apple girl, but this weekend we made super sticky and sweet caramel apples. We had some of the munchkins friends over and the grown ups joined in and IT WAS GOOD.

The next morning we used some of the left over caramels in our coffee - Caramel Mocha. EVEN BETTER. They will be joining my other coffee condiments (cream, sugar, cinnamon) on the table from now on. And so my baking wheels are spinning. Next up, I think I'll be doing a remix of my Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies with these bad babies (the caramels.. bad babies?) Oh and tons of other ideas here.

So yes, wrapping up the weekend in one of my favorite little coffee shops around the corner while the guys keep and eye on the munchkins and watch a little football. The little one hasnt been sleeping the greatest, and sniffles have been passed around twice now, but by now I know it comes with the territory.  I've got all of the necessary stocked up and am working on this natural vapor rub  to have on hand. 

There are plenty of left overs from the weekend which means Sunday dinner is done. Woot Woot! I love it when that happens! 

Hope you had a great weekend too. I really do:-) 
Disclaimer: I received free Werther’s Original® products in order to host the Werther’s Original® sponsored MommyParties. The opinions and recipes shared here are my own.

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Tanesha Woods said...

Who knew they had baking caramels....one my fav flavors!! Glad you had an awesome weekend and dipped those apples! We made green candied apples in the spirit of holloween! Yes it so fall outside and I love but agreed not this cold bug uggh! We sleep in this weekend and made some silly spiders/clowns! We also did a really cool crayon drip on the pumpkin!!


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