Dec 22, 2013



Can't believe we only have 3 more days until Christmas! I'm already in chill mode. Its 11:30am on a Sunday and I'm still in my pj's - WOOT WOOT!

I've been tackling an iceberg worth of laundry (and catching up on my fave shows) while H keeps the kids occupied.

Just wanted to peep in and say hello.

Planning to spend the week ahead with friends and family and looking forward to:

leaving my children with their grand parents so that I can be as free as the wind!!

watching all of my favorite Christmas movies.

to drinking an obscene amount of tea in my fave new anthropolgie monogram mug given to me by a super sweet friend

finally finishing up reading The Book Thief - apparently they've made it into a movie which is just the reason I need to finish those last few chapters.

getting a much needed trim - and maybe some bangs?

I think I've officially lost my glasses so I will be paying a visit to the optometrist and picking out new frames. What do you think about these in this illustration or these on Beyonce/ Scarlett Johanssen? I'm going for sexy school teacher/librarian? Cat Eye or Geek Chic?

and using up all of the date night cards we can (with my parents) to finally see The Hunger Games (Catching Fire) - for Me, and The Hobbit - for him.

oh and going to church with my family and celebrating the real reason for this season (see #1)!

What are you most looking forward to?


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