Dec 17, 2013

Munchkin's Christmas List

Munchkin Christmas List

Munchkin has plenty-o  Barbies and Dolls and she LOVES to play with them. She is a girlie girl through and through. But she's also an adventurer. This Christmas, we wanted give her some things that would build her confidence in trying and learning new things. The only thing she actually asked for on this list are the walk talkies. She asked for some Gymnastics equipment. She said, "you know like some bars and and a balance beam and stuff?" Not sure how I'd work that out??!! Oh and a Sophia the First doll which her grandparents have already given her this past weekend and she ripped out of the box.

If you haven't seen this video, you must watch it NOW. It makes you throw out all of the dolls and give your girl permission to totally trash your house. It totally made my day. And then I promptly ordered a kit for munchkin on

This past summer on our beach trip we visited the cutest little kids store Fitz and Emme. They carried a line of Jacadi perfume especially for babies and kids/tweens. Its alcohol free and It smelled heavenly. Like a powdery/flowery yumminess. I made a mental note that  I'd revisit the idea. Munchkin has been asking to wear my perfume, which I haven't given into yet. I mentioned it to H and he thought it was a bit mature of a concept for children. Haven't completely decided on this one… 

Munchkin's surrogate Godmother is getting her a microscope and set of specimens (I think I'm most excited about this gift - for me:-). When she comes over to the house, munchkin always asks her to take her outside on an adventure. They pack a backpack and head outside and she comes back super excited about all of the special leaves and rocks they discover.  I was also looking at something like this.

 You know you want an Easy Bake Oven:-)


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