Jan 9, 2014


A little back ground: 
Because I'm a very special person, on our drive back from Florida (visiting my family for the holidays) I declared that my word for 2014 would be "SESH". Short for session:-) You know like, "My gal pal and I just finished up a little brainstorming sesh! Cute right? Well.. whatever.. I thought it was hilarious (especially after binge watching the final season of East Bound and Down with H a few weeks back)…

So over the last few years my New Years Resolutions efforts have morphed into more of just an opportunity to reflect and aspire. To make my best effort to start fresh and live the best life I can -  with a clean slate on a new year.

I've got some goals in mind, but I decided this year to have a WORD for the year.  Something to think about daily to give myself that extra nudge.  Not pressure - but a reminder of sorts. We put enough pressure on ourselves, especially as women and even more so as moms for perfection.. But I needed a word that I could focus on just to help me GSD (click through to see what thats all about - oh and get the TShirt).  One that I can call on when I feel my confidence wavering. When I start to compare my journey to someone else's. When times get tough and these little people are working my last nerve not cooperating. When I'm super tired because these little people will not stay in their own beds wondering how in the heck I think I'm really going to accomplish that big goal:


Ha! just kidding. Also considered WWMD or WWOD (Oprah and Martha - duh!!)

The word currently echoing in my head is  ROAR!!

No really.  That mama lion handles her business. Whatever that business is. At home, in those streets, she does it. With style and grace. So I'm ready to OWN whatever comes my way. Just like the LIONESS (and Katy Perry). Ready and willing to pounce on every opportunity and every challenge.

Thats what I'm prepared to do this year.

I can and I will.


What's your WORD FOR THE YEAR?

p.s. I'm still using "sesh" as much as possible.


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