Jan 8, 2014


See Fabienne. I told you. My jeans are supposed to be baggy. Well those weren't my exact words, but I'm really excited about the return of this casual denim.

Don't get me wrong on a good skinny day, I'm proud to rock the skinny jean. HOWEVER, Halloween and the delicious festivities that followed have left my quest for high school skinny on quite the hiatus.

I'm thinking these could be a welcome (more comfortable) replacement and quite possibly the new and improved Mom Jean. Definitely a step up from these.

I don't claim to be a fashionista by any stretch. But I try to give the appearance that I've taken a bath and gotten an adequate amount of rest.  Concealer, lipstick, and riding boots - oh and sunglasses usually do the trick.

Scoured the web to find out just how to rock these bad babies in the colder months. Pull them on over some tights add a scrunch or fold over a chunky boot (e.g. UGGS) or some booties and voila!

Kinda have a mom crush on Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker -  always effortlessly flawless right?

If you're interested and don't already own a pair - check out these at HandM, Gap, and this Current Elliot pair is a bit pricey but if you're into that sort of thing:-)

If I get myself together maybe I'll put my own look together and link up with baby shopaholic for a mamanista friday!

what's your vote MAMALISCIOUS or no?



Baby Shopaholic said...

I love boyfriend jeans! Actually bought another pair last night! Every "Mom" needs a pair! Instant chic! I hope you link up soon!

bunnie hilliard said...

still trying to get this together Trina! i think I'm going to have to teach Andie how to use the camera:-)


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