Feb 13, 2014


the polar vortex has kept us trapped inside since Tuesday. We dusted off a couple of bottles of red and rose' (the grown ups, not the children:-) danced, played games, baked (the most delicious strawberry crisp I promise to share with you soon), and crafted. Not to exclude these cute little Valentines Day mugs. The perfect opportunity to break out my Krylon Gold Leafing Pen! Just draw and bake (in the oven for 30 mins on 350 degrees) to set.

our dear friend has spent the last few days with us so as not to be cold and out of power in her apartment. we've all logged into our computers and worked, taking turns entertaining the children. its actually been quite bearable, dare I say enjoyable to be able to spend so much time with my favorite people.

the sun came out today, and the snow is melting. with any luck everyone will be off tomorrow to school and work and activities and we will be able to get out and have some Valentine's Day fun!

what have you been doing to keep your sanity busy on these snowy days?




Katie Oblinger said...

That is adorable!! And now I have to make one of these for myself! Because I'm totally not crafty, can I get that pen at Michaels? Or maybe Sam Flax? :)

bunnie hilliard said...

Hi! Yes! I got it from Michaels:-) it was super easy and we use them all the time!

bunnie hilliard said...

The mugs:-)


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