Feb 25, 2014


as per my last post regarding the matter, my efforts to get in shape had started to lose some steam. i'm in starvation mode. literally. i starved myself (from my yummy carbs and girl scout cookies - being troop leader has its perks and its tortures.) this last week and lost 4 pounds! WOOT WOOT! so now I'm all proud of myself and thinking maybe I can actually squeeze myself into a cute swimsuit in time for the summer! if i buy a super cute swimsuit in a respectable size it might be just the nudge I need to keep the momentum going. THIS SALE ENDS TODAY. HELP ME CHOOSE.

A super cute Liberty print, little sail boats, resort chic?!!

Which do you think I should rock this summer. Which would you?


P.S. Is anyone else obsessed with JCrew?

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Update: I chose the sail boats in the V-neck! sale ends today use the code YAYSALE to get an extra 40% off!

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