Mar 7, 2014


i've tried to dig up the origin of this photo to no avail. Its been pinned by 
many on Pinterest including myself. 

So I usually get a little budget in early spring to make some updates to the house. We finally settled on a sofa which was my major purchase, and now I'm on to adding just a few things to liven up the place for the spring and summer months. And hoping to get a chance work on a few projects to continue on my (never ending) journey to add pieces that transform our house into our home for this little family.

Oh how I LOVE IKEA (on a Tuesday morning when no one else is there). So affordable, so much to choose from, and I'm a big fan of the Swedish simplistic and modern take on home decor. So I've come up with a shopping list (some of which purchased during an IKEA run las week).

DIGNITET display wire -  have one in the play space already but think another two will add some real defined purpose to the space. not to mention i'm considering putting the (almost) two year old in mom's morning out two days a week after summer so I will need the additional space for more artwork!

STOCKHOLM rug-  Almost positive I want to stick this cute and affordable rug under my dining room table like this.

VACKIS alarm clock for the night stand in my bedroom. I was watching an episode of Parenthood and saw something similar. Oddly the only clock in my room is on my cell phone. Cute and practical right?

RASKOG kitchen cart - Hoping to add a few pops of color to the kitchen starting with this SUPER CUTE turquoise kitchen cart. I plan to slide it under the bar next to the bar stools and remove some the the clutter from the counters (mail, piggy banks, pens, mags, etc)

TEKLA tea towels - I've already scooped up twelve of these. I'm trying to cut down on the number of paper towels we use. And start cloth napkins at our meals more regularly.

UPPLAGG place mats - still planning out our family dining space set up, but will definitely include these cute and sturdy woven place mats.

NISSE folding chairs going to grab up a few of these for extra guests for the back deck.

RIBBA frames - Linked to the high gloss gray even though I already purchased the white. I think I am going to exchange them. I think this will make for twist on the photo gallery wall (something like this ) I'm working on for the hallway leading into the kitchen.

BOSSE bar stools - I'm also considering these bar stools. But if I want to stay within my little house updates budget these might have to do with a coat of paint.

FICUS LYRATA tree I saw this tree on trip to Room and Board a few years back and had no idea what it was. Now that its all the rage and all over the place, they are quite accessible and affordable. I'm  hoping it grows up to look like this.

You can find the rest of my IKEA wish list here. Whats on your "IKEA run" list?


p.s one day (soon I hope) when I'm finally finished with the play space, I plan to do a little tour on the blog. just a few more pictures and garlands to hang. I'm thinking if I send them all away for a week I can get all of my house projects completed?

p.s.s. you like how i just jumped right back in here, like i haven't been missing in action for the last week or two.  Things got a little hectic. But I'm back in the game. I hope. I can't believe its March already!

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