May 21, 2014


Baby Steps.

Thats pretty much the best advice I've ever received. It wasn't really that long ago I was having a conversation with the a dear friend of mine that I admire and am inspired by more often than she knows. We were chatting about the quest for momprenuership and how to balance it all. "Give yourself time, Once you find your rhythm you'll be fine." And I believed her. I tell myself this every day. Baby Steps. You don't have to get it perfect. You just have to get it going. And although we were talking about business, It applies to almost everything, I think.  It puts A LOT of things in perspective - home projects, launching a business, potty training, laundry, a new fitness plan… A sense of accomplishment (and relief) can be found in moving forward (even a little) every day.  Don't you think?

Whats the best advice you ever received?


P.S. That's my daddy (and little h). They came down to visit for Mothers Day the other weekend, and I was so excited to spend some time with him (and my mom)! Growing up, my dad was always a great provider for our family. He worked hard every day, made sure we had a safe and nice home and the bills were paid. Its funny, he still takes great care in paying his bills - The old fashioned way. Sitting down at the table with envelopes and stamps and money orders..  But with that said, I don't remember him being the most nurturing person. Even as I went off to college, he was just this tough guy that I didn't want to disappoint. But seeing him like this, really makes my heart smile. He's come a long way from that stern guy I never imagined…. We talk all the time now about everything. Baby Steps.

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