Jun 6, 2014


Yay Summer!??

Anyone else brave enough to not put their kids in summer camp this summer?  I decided that I wanted a break from having to hit the ground running every morning.. So CAMP MOM it is!!

With that in mind, I have been looking forward to and dreading the start of summer with equal enthusiasm.  A little nervous about how to occupy, entertain, engage, keep them quiet these little people all summer long while not sitting them in front of the TV at all all day long. I'm not trying to schedule and control every minute of the summer as much as I'm trying to make sure we have a plan to get out and have some fun!

We're a week in, and I'm pretty sure, I'm working much harder than is necessary than during the school year... But as a special OCD Type A mom, I just can't help myself. *please help me*

I try to do a a bit of all of this every day. Here's what we're up to:

Summer Bucket List
Make a list of fun things you'd like to do this summer (biking, hiking, splash pad, zoo, museums... ). And then stick em' on the calendar. Then tell all of your other CAMP MOM cohorts to join the fun. My goal is to check at least one of our bucket items off a week. Some days we don't go anywhere but we do get outside (event if its in your front yard in the plastic pool..) EVERY DAY.

Pretend and Create
All those toys and paint and play doh, and remote control cars and junk toys. Those fancy colored pencils they got for their birthday from Seed Factory. Halloween costumes.. those too. Pretend Play time!! Pull that out EVERY DAY. Threaten to throw all the toys out if they can find something to play or do.

Thirty minutes to an hour depending on the age and tolerance of the child. I still have a napper and and a first grader. So his nap time is her quiet time. Reading, puzzles.. something we can do quietly together for a few minutes and then she's on her own so I can have a few minutes to regroup:-)

Play Dates
All those pals from different schools you don't get to see during the school year or the school pals you won't get to see over the summer. Put a play date at least one day per week on your calendar. Block that off. You will be glad you did.

Weekly Routine (examples)
Pen Pal Mondays (complete with trip to the post office)
Library Tuesdays, we're checking off this list.
Pool Day Thursdays
Play Date Fridays

The Cafe
Breakfast, Lunch and Two snacks. Let them help.

Big Kid To Do List
Ours looks like this: Make Bed, Brush Teeth, Get Dressed, Chores (put silverware, socks away). Munchkin can earn a "coin" once all these are checked off which equals 30 minutes of TV or  iPad time..

The Witching Hour
Websters definition is scarily accurate.. This is when I pull out the TV card if I have to.

Some other things… 
- Starting in July, I'm going to use the same Kindergarten readiness tutor that I used last year to work with munchkin twice per week just help keep her mind sharp (I have just a smudge of Tiger Mom in me).
- I used these books during the school year last year and just got a new one in the mail yesterday to use during pretend play. Let's "play" school!!
- Swim and Music Lessons

This is just a rough plan. I feel free to abort mission and eat popsicles at home anytime. The goal is always to get to bed time as smoothly and swiftly is possible. Just me?

On another note, can I just say 'ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK' may have me doing an allnighter. What are you up to this weekend - will you be watching?


P.S. This does not sound like the hazy relaxing summer I had in mind. I'm a crazy person….


desi said...

Awesome schedule, I'm trying to create one for the kids, that I know I'm not gonna stick to :)

bunnie hilliard said...

Hi! Thanks! I have found it best to always (at least try to) have a plan:-) this year I sprinkled a few weeks of half day summer camp in. I can't believe summer is almost over for us. Just two and a half more weeks. I hope you have an AWESOME SUMMER!


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