Jun 13, 2014


I snapped some photos of the play space I'd been working on… I'm not really happy with the shots so I'm going to give it another try, but in the mean time.... 

I've been in a bit of a slump/funk, which is the reason for my sporadic posts this week...

Here's the thing… I LOVE my family and these kids… I mean really.. sometimes I go into their rooms at night while they are sleeping and just snuggle the hell out of them.. like literally lick their faces..

but this MOM LIFE can be a bit overwhelming sometimes ESPECIALLY if you don't keep a healthy and realistic perspective.. which I am working on, daily.

I want so much for all of them to be happy and healthy and feel everyday that they can conquer the world with God (and me) by their side.. But It seems I've been getting lost in the shuffle of being the head cheerleader for everyone else - And forgetting to be a cheer leader for myself. Occasionally when the stars are aligned I squeeze in something thats just for me - but not without feeling guilty about it. I really want to spend some time working on that..

So even though these pictures are borderline crappy, I'm posting them anyway. Because I need to. This blog is important to me. Its my space… to rant and to rave, to chat and to chill, to dream and to drool, but mainly to journal my thoughts about this life and hopefully inspire others and to come to (and across) some inspiring realizations of my own...

In the mean time, sans the photos,  I'm pretty happy with how the space itself turned out.  One more area of the house checked off on my list. Continuing my quest to finally feel finished with the "meat" of turning our house into a home. Next up.. Entry Way!

What space in your house are you trying to shape up. And in life? :-)

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